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Hi, I'm Pranav.  

I am a user experience & interaction designer that is passionate about user research & ideating. I love exploring different aspects of design & have studied as well as practiced different sectors of design. I work using Adobe XD to create prototypes.

Some of the projects that represent what I have worked on.


Movie Ticket Redesign

The movie tickets in India share a very similar format, but a lot of them are often cluttered. This is an assignment to redesign the ticket to improve on its visual ergonomics.

My Role

To collectively conduct research with a 3-man team and provide a solution.

Main Goal

To create a more ergonomic movie ticket format.

Book Your Chef

A service designed to help cooks to offer different types of services comfortably.

Most ameteurs do not operate on a sale as big as restaurants and thus face problems that require a unique service to bring in customers.

My Role

Researching the market Designing the service

UI prototyping

Main Goal

To create a unique service based solution for the given opportuity.

I've also done user research and interface design for companies including:

Varroc Engineering Ltd.


Trigyn Technologies

Hey there!

Thank you for checking out my portfolio, feel free to contact me regarding any projects or openings.

You can find a downloadable resume on the navigation bar and click the link below to learn more about me.

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