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I'm Pranav,
nice to meet you.

I'm currently working at Trigyn Technologies as an Associate UX Designer, my work involves wireframing for websites and apps, as well as design research and making case studies.

Work aside, I'm also a weeb that loves anime, marvel and all that geeky stuff. I'm good at gaming competitively and I also love music as I sing and play a few instruments.

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How I got started in user experience

As I started persuing design I've tried to experience several different field but even though i was good at quite a few fields, it felt like I had slowly started inclining towards the side of visual design, which led me to believe that graphic or UI/UX design was the way to go.

Even though i said that i had decided to persue UI/UX I hadn't considered experience design outside of interfaces, but this changed as i started taking the users into picture with everything I designed. Yes, it is true that we always design for the users but as a beginner i never considered how much work goes into experience design.

Step by step as i worked on more fields such as services and systems, I realized how much i enjoyed user research and experience design, and working was the easiest and most interesting whenever i was talking about features and the small details that add up to improve the designs.

And so, I started to persue experience design as my main goal in every project, regardless of the field of work.

What I've been working on 

I want to dive deeper into experience design and I believe interaction design is a great way to it, as understanding and breaking down interactions is useful to go through details and different perspectives efficiently.


Thus I am working on some unsolicited projects that would help me practice interaction design along with experience to gain a better understanding and help me in exercising some practices and design methods used for interaction design which I learned in college along with some new ones along the way.

What I'm curious about

I am curious about experiencing different fields of design, as I love designing for the experience of the users and from what I have seen soo far is that a lot of my friends and other designers have different approaches to tackle experience design which is more relevant to their design field. These kinds of different approaches are what make me want to gain more experience regardless of what I work on since understanding different parts and styles of user experience design so that I may be able to have a better understanding of the bigger picture.

I may be mistaken, but I feel like understanding different perspectives of experience design makes me a better designer since I'm still inexperienced compared to a lot of people who's work I admire, as it gives me a broader field of approach and helps me reach conclusions and designs that I may have missed without trying fresh perspectives.

My experience with design

I have received my design education from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur. Having completed my Batchelor's degree in design I have studied and practised several sectors such as product, visual, web/applications, system and service design while also experiencing more specialized courses and projects in this well-rounded design course.

As I learned about more sectors of design, I picked up more design methods and while understanding the workflows of the professionals that have taught us through the courses as well as the people who have guided me through my internships in Varroc Engineering Ltd. and Oracle Noida, helping me understand and adapt to the working environment and mentality. I have been fortunate enough to have gained prototyping skills in both software as well as physical prototyping with materials such as wood, polystyrene, bamboo, POP, etc while also learning advanced machining processes in our practical courses during this degree.

I believe myself to be well versed with the fundamentals and am aware of the experience I lack as a fresher. Yet, I would like to only see this as an opportunity to gain a better perspective and improve my skills while I try to perform to the best of my current abilities.

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